Showcase reviews on your website

With our Website Widgets, you can showcase reviews collected on EdTech Impact directly on your website. These widgets are one of our most used marketing assets and can be found in your dashboard under Marketing > Website Widgets. You can choose between three widget visuals: Basic, Carousel, and Summary & Carousel.

You can adjust the colour of the stars for each of the widgets to match your branding. 

For the Carousel and Summary & Carousel widgets, you can also set the Theme of the widget, the Slide Count, and the Review details. The most popular setting is the Minimum review score dropdown, allowing you to choose what scores to display eg. selecting only 5-star reviews to appear as part of your widget.

After setting up your widget features, you can simply copy the ‘Code’ under the settings section and paste it into your website code/share it with your development team.

Below you will find great examples of our marketing assets by Alps and Code Monkey.