Review approval process

Your review gets automatically published to your profile if:

  • Your reviewer has submitted the review and verified their email (your customer will receive a verification email in their inbox).
  • The review rating is higher than 2 stars.

Your review is not published to your profile if:

  • Your reviewer hasn't verified their email address:
    •  Ask your customer to check their spam folder.
    • If the email can't be located in your customer's inbox, please contact
  • The review rating is 2 stars or lower:
    • Our team is providing additional checks to low-rated reviews ensuring there are no spam reviews being published to your profile.
    • If the review is assessed by our team as genuine, it will be published to your profile with a slight delay.

Our team actively monitors our automatically posted reviews. However, if you notice a review that doesn't align with our Review Guidelines, please flag it on your public page or notify your account manager.